We continually invest in our plant and equipment. This investment reduces downtime, increases productivity and allows us to be very competitive with our tendering.

Hydraulic Breaker

CP4250 fitted to 350 Zaxis


LaBounty Allied Shear – 2000R Model

With a 360 degree 1000 tonne shearing force, this is the largest shearer in
East Anglia.

1000 tonne shearer - largest in East Anglia


Hitachi 350 Zaxis – 40 tonnes model
With a grapple, heavy duty digging bucket (which holds 10-12 tonnes of muck),
a heavy duty 4ft bucket and a ditching bucket

Hitachi 70 Zaxis – 7 tonnes model
With a hydraulic grapple, a range of 5 buckets and a new hydraulic breaker

Hitachi Xaxis ex8 – 3/4 tonnes model
With 2 buckets and a hydraulic breaker


Hydraulic breakers for both 7-tonne Zaxis, and 3⁄4-tonne ex8

New recycling plant

Our new recycling plant should be online early in 2006 providing further eco-friendly methods of recycling and disposing of waste products.

Hitachi 350 Zaxis - 40 tonne


Hitachi Zaxis 210LC

Hitachi 70 Zaxis

Hitachi 70 Zaxis - 7 tonne

Hitachi Xaxis ex8

Hitachi Xaxis ex8 - 3/4 tonne

40 tonne Zaxis with shear

Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker on 7-tonne excavator

Ex8 with breaker

Hydraulic Breaker on ex8